Dreaming of Qingluan

What does dreaming of Qingluan mean? Is it good to dream of Qingluan? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of Qingluan, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a green luan flying from the clouds is an auspicious omen that foretells longevity. A young and strong man dreaming of a green luan flying from the clouds foretells a high life expectancy. wWW.dreammaster.org A high life expectancy person dreaming of a green luan flying from the clouds foretells that he will increase his life expectancy and can play with his children and grandchildren. Dreaming of green luan, rich and auspicious, foretells you that good things will come to you, sweet love and successful career. Dreaming of green luan dancing, it foretells that you will have the help of noble people and everything will be lucky and smooth. Dreaming of a green luan spreading its wings and flying foretells that you will be rich and prosperous. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreams of green luan from the clouds, lucky. Dreams of this for longevity omen. Young and strong people dream of it, more than the old and reach the old; senior dream of it, can prolong life, and children and grandchildren play together, wishing the celebration of longevity. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Case study of dreaming of Qingluan Dream description: In the dream, I saw a colorful bird suddenly lying on the ground in the yard, bright blue back and wings, the tips of the wings are golden feathers, there are two long soft orange tail feathers, I intuitively think that the luan bird pulling the phoenix carriage was injured, and I really saw the wheel and round eye mounted feathers next to it. Green Luan is very spiritual, like talking, I picked it up to see it a broken foot, a hold up two tail feathers fell off. I rushed to carry the bird into the house and put it into the padded cardboard box. After a while Qingluan is well, I hold it out of the house, the result is that it somehow turned into a tall teenager wearing a bright blue embroidered gold robe, can not distinguish between men and women, only feel very clean. Does this dream mean anything? Does it have a meaning? Dream Analysis: This is an auspicious dream, indicating that you have a good year, study, family, love, financial luck are good, dreaming of this on behalf of the gods to give you wealth and success opportunities. However, be careful in all things, and avoid verbal conflicts by forbearing with people. Believe in yourself, go!"