Dreaming of a bald eagle

What does dreaming of a bald eagle mean? How about dreaming of a bald eagle? Dreaming of a bald eagle has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a bald eagle circling in the sky usually foretells death, or it may indicate that you are happily awaiting the outcome of something, or that an undertaking is coming to an end, but you expect to benefit from it. The bald eagle devours the flesh of the dead and absorbs the life force of the deceased, so it also symbolizes the power of rebirth. To dream that you hear a vulture speak human language is a prophecy that a scandal that has passed for a long time will be revealed and that your career and reputation will be damaged because you are involved. To dream of a bald eagle symbolizes that gossip from leaders or colleagues will bother you. To dream of a bald eagle ambling somewhere indicates that your enemy or competitor is waiting for you to make a mistake. If you kill a vulture in your dream, it means you will have good luck and overcome obstacles. To dream of a bald eagle calling foretells that an old scandal will be revealed and bring you harm because you lit the fuse yourself. To dream of a bald eagle resting on a railroad indicates that an accident or loss will come unexpectedly. To see many vultures in your dream is generally a sign of nasty rumors, or extraordinary scandals disturbing you. If you dream that you walk towards a bald eagle and it immediately flies away, it means that you are able to calm down a dispute between friends. Such a situation with disagreements will be very bad for you if not dealt with in time. Zhou Gong Stock Market The dream should pay attention to the best excellent stock. A bald eagle flying up in a dream indicates that the price will go up; landing indicates that the price will go down."