Dreaming of a big crocodile

What does dreaming of a big crocodile mean? Is it good to dream of a big crocodile? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of big crocodiles, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The crocodile is a representative of power, so powerful people are called predators. To dream of a crocodile represents a rise in status. Pregnant women dreaming of crocodiles will have a difficult delivery, so they need to go to the hospital in advance to check the fetal position. To dream of a big crocodile suggests that there is some kind of fear deep inside you, and you feel unable to get rid of it, fearing that you will be devoured by it; it also foretells suffering in life or spirit. To dream of a large crocodile climbing ashore from the water foretells that you are likely to leave your original place and open up new frontiers in your life or career. To dream of a crocodile biting a person is an ominous sign of suffering. To dream of a big crocodile biting yourself is a sign that you may be invaded by your enemies, or you may have to make enemies with people who have betrayed your trust and harmed you, in either case, your opponents are fierce and ruthless, so don't take any chances. To dream of a big crocodile approaching you may foretell that you will spend a lot of money to cure your loved ones; or your business will be framed by a villain and suffer losses. An unmarried woman dreaming of a big crocodile approaching her may foretell that her future husband is weak and sickly, and the life of the couple is reproduced from http:///, please keep this mark for disharmony. To dream of getting rid of a large crocodile chasing you indicates that you can avoid major dangers and eventually be relieved in a difficult situation. To dream that a big crocodile is chasing your friend may indicate that your friend's personality is a bit weak and cannot be fully relied on. To dream of a large crocodile preying on animals warns you to beware of possible attacks from competitors. To dream of a big crocodile being put into a cage foretells a huge gain in the shopping mall. If the teeth of a large crocodile are clearly seen in the dream, it suggests the dreamer's fear of being castrated. If you dream of stepping on the back of a big crocodile, you may be in deep trouble and it is not easy to break free from it. When such dreams come to you, you must be careful not to trust anyone, not even friends."