Dreaming of a big rat

What does dreaming of a big rat mean? Is it good to dream of a big rat? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of rats, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a big rat, it foretells that someone will cheat you and you will be hurt by your own neighbor; this dream also foretells that a quarrel will occur between you and your friend. To dream of catching a big rat means that you despise the despicable deeds of others and you will overcome your enemies openly and honestly. To dream of killing a big rat is a sign that you will be able to win in whatever competition you are in. Dreaming of killing a big rat reminds you that you should pay attention to theft prevention and not to be soft while facing a thief, even to death. A woman dreaming of killing a big rat implies that she is under a lot of pressure at work recently and should relax herself. A pregnant woman dreaming that she killed a big rat means that she should pay attention to premature birth and miscarriage. A couple dreaming that they killed a big rat means that they should pay attention to their sexual awareness and cultivate good sexual health to avoid infertility. To dream that you killed a big rat means that you will eliminate all the people and things that hinder your business success. Case study of dreaming of a big rat Dream Description: This morning I dreamed that I was sleeping in bed, the quilt moved, I reached out and grabbed a big fat black mouse like a cat, as if grabbing its butt, it struggled, it did not bite me, so I woke up, I do not know whether the main good or bad? At that time just catch it seems to be very scared, because I am afraid of rats, and then not afraid. I am a student, male. Dream Analysis: The dream represents your anxiety about your studies. Bed, is the usual loose state of life, did not study intensely to review. The quilt moving, is the arrival of an exam or something. The mouse is the inner activity of one's anxiety. Usually did not use the work, the test sent a blindfold. Seeing tests and so on as rats means you hate them and don't love studying. Catch it, is hoping that you can get through this exam or test or whatever. Not biting you is thinking that you can still deal with the past."