Dreaming of a big snake

What does dreaming of a big snake mean? How about dreaming of a big snake? Dreams of big snakes have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a big snake can make a big fortune. Pregnant dreaming of a big snake, pregnant with a boy. When you dream of killing a big snake, it seems that you want to rebel. To dream of a big snake chasing you, if you are a woman, it means someone is going to pursue you. To dream of a big snake chasing you, if you are a man, it means you have fortune, but you know this fortune is not clean, so you avoid him. To dream of a large snake biting or eating your enemy is a sign of a powerful person who helps you remove your enemy and suppress him, but it also suggests that they may both lose. To dream that you killed a big snake that was eating people is a sign that you are not afraid of power, are not afraid to offend dignitaries and are brave enough to express your opinion. An unmarried woman dreaming of a big snake wrapped around her represents that she has been violated by others or sexually harassed by others in recent times, so she should pay more attention to her life safety. If you dream that a big snake is in a hole, make sure you watch your money at home because a thief may come and visit your house."