Dreaming of a big spider

What does dreaming of a big spider mean? How about dreaming of a big spider? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of big spiders, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are facing a large spider foretells that your wealth will increase rapidly. To dream that a large and a young spider crawl together to you, it foretells that you will soar to greatness and for some time you will feel unparalleled success. If you dream that the big spider bites you, it foretells that your enemies will spoil your good fortune; if the young one bites you, you will be disturbed because of others' grudges and jealousy. To dream that you escape from the chase of a large spider foretells that you will lose your fortune because you did not seize the opportunity; if you dream that you kill the spider, it foretells that you will eventually get a considerable amount of property; if it dies and then comes back to life to chase you, it foretells that you will suffer from illness and the oppression of an unstable life. People in love dream of a big spider, (Zhou Gong Dreams ) parents will obstruct their marriage, the heart will produce endless ghostly worries. A married person dreaming of many big spiders foretells a safe trip. To dream of many big spiders, the interpretation of the dream means that the recent life will undergo severe challenges, making it difficult to stabilize emotions and breeding pessimistic thoughts, but it is also a good opportunity to break through oneself and need the guidance of others to reshape an optimistic attitude towards life and start anew for the future. To dream of being bitten by a big spider means that there will be hostile people who will spoil the good luck. To dream of being chased by a large spider foretells that one will suffer from illness and life will be disrupted. A student dreaming of a large spider symbolizes a desirable breakthrough in academic performance. A businessman dreaming of facing a large spider alone symbolizes prosperous financial fortune. A man dreaming of a large spider foretells that his personal interests are coveted by others and he needs to be more guarded. A young woman dreaming of a large golden spider foretells that happiness is not far ahead and that she will meet new friends. Zhou Yi dreamed of a big spider Dreaming of a big spider, your parents will obstruct your marriage, and your heart will produce unending ghostly worries. The examinee dreamed of a large spider omen academic performance: walking is an effective way to slim legs, try to set aside 30 minutes a day to walk, (to and from work or shopping), walking, back straight, relaxed, knees straight, the weight from the legs to the toes, which can increase the amount of activity of the calves, so that the legs are more solid and slender. Case study of dreaming of a big spider Dream description: I dreamed last night that a large black spider, as big as a tennis ball, started in my mosquito net, and then I avoided it, but, somehow, the spider actually came to my mouth and was eaten alive by me! Really disgusting! Dream Analysis: If you are a woman in a relationship, this dream foretells that your parents will not approve of your relationship with your boyfriend."