Dreaming of a boar

What does it mean to dream of a boar? How about dreaming of a boar? Dreaming of a boar has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a fat and big looking boar foretells that changes in business promote prosperity and the deals that will be made are safe. To dream of a dry, thin boar is a sign of great brain-damaging difficulties, or troubles from the nanny and children. To dream of feeding your own boar indicates that your current possessions will continue to grow. To dream that you are buying and selling boars means that you will accumulate considerable wealth if you work hard. Hearing the howling field of a boar in a dream indicates bad news from a distant friend, or foretells frustrated depression brought on by death, and failure to achieve the desired results in dealing with important issues. Dreaming of a boar falling into the water is a bad omen, if things are not handled carefully, I'm afraid disaster will befall, be especially careful lately. Dreaming of a lot of boars foretells that there will be some happy events in your family, or various commendations and good news, and there may be a baby in your family. To dream of a house full of boars is an auspicious dream, symbolizing a bountiful harvest and foretelling a breakthrough in all aspects of the dreamer's life. Dreaming of many boars walking around foretells that you will be blessed in the recent period and do things smoothly and easily succeed."