Dreaming of a bull

What does dreaming of a bull mean? How about dreaming of a bull? Dreaming of a bull has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The bull represents your masculinity and may also represent the excitement of love. Both the bull and the cow represent that you will have love coming, so don't miss the opportunity. Dreaming of a male buffalo is an auspicious sign, suggesting that your hard work will be duly rewarded, keep up the good work! A woman dreaming of a bull can also represent a particular male she has met in her life and represent her underlying feelings for him. A young woman dreaming she meets a bull, someone will propose to her, but refusal will bring her luck. A male dreaming that he is a bull means that he is confident in his own strength. To dream of a bullfight may symbolize that you are overcoming or suppressing your biological instincts. A woman dreaming that she is being chased by a bull foretells that you are afraid of sexual relations with men. If the bull in the dream represents the dreamer's father, you are reminded to address the paternity complex. Dreaming of a tame bull indicates the harmonious integration of animal nature, especially sexuality, or the integration of your entire subconscious that has been hidden. Dreaming of a sacrificial bull indicates the triumph of the spirit over the animal nature or a completed or mere wish. Dreaming of a killed bull represents the repression of emotions or instincts, or the repression of your masculinity. It can also represent procreation. If you allow your subconscious mind to enter consciousness, then it has the full power to bring you new life. To dream of a bull chasing you foretells that career troubles will arise due to jealousy of competitors making bad decisions. Dreaming of a bull on top of a person, you should not take advantage of other people's property, misfortune will suddenly come to you. To dream of a white bull indicates that your standard of living will be one level higher than those who are bent on material gain, and this dream usually indicates gain."