Dreaming of a camel

What does dreaming of a camel mean? How about dreaming of a camel? Dreaming of camels has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream of a camel foretells that you will face a major challenge or a severe test of objective circumstances on your way forward and will have to put in great patience, hard work and overcome many difficulties in order to succeed. On the other hand, the camel, as a companion of the desert, also symbolizes a spiritual guide that will carry you through the vast barren desert and through the stage of spiritual misery to reach the oasis and refresh the spiritual world. To dream of a camel heading towards the desert foretells that you may have to take a long trip, and although the journey is difficult, you will achieve satisfactory results. To dream of herds of camels indicates your obedience to discipline, or having sufficient resources. To dream that you are riding on the back of a camel shows your respect and obedience to your current superiors. However, if the camel in the dream is riding fast, like a horse, and bouncing back and forth, it contains sexual connotations. To dream of a camel humping an object suggests that you must possess qualities such as patience, tolerance, perseverance, strength, and self-reliance. To dream that you have a camel indicates that you will have rich mineral resources. To dream of a herd of camels on the desert indicates that you will receive assistance, as in a snowstorm. In case of illness, to everyone's surprise, you will get well again. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Seeing a camel, the main thing is difficult. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreaming of a camel and its ride is a sign of great wealth and prosperity. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Dreaming of a camel carrying a bag. If you dream of walking in the sun, the Lord will have good things to come, but it is not a sign of peace and leisure; if you dream of walking under the moon, the Lord will be in chaos; if you dream of walking in the dark, the Lord will be the sign of killing oneself to become benevolent, but it is not an auspicious sign. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Camel represents rare and strange things in dreams. In addition it also indicates resources for use or the observance of discipline. Psychological analysis: Camels in dreams represent toughness, tolerance and self-sufficiency, and you should have these excellent qualities. Spiritual Symbol: The camel spiritually indicates respect and obedience to the master or superior. Case study of dreaming of a camel Dream Description: In my dream, I was riding a camel through the desert, leaving a series of camel bells along the way. The high blue sky, the vast desert, the long camel caravan and the series of camel bells made a majestic and spectacular desert landscape, full of rich border customs. (Female, 22 years old) Dream Interpretation: A camel in the desert means effort and development. To dream of a camel in the desert implies that you need to go through constant efforts to overcome your current difficulties; to dream of a camel humping something indicates that you will have an unexpected harvest that will surprise you; to dream of riding on its back or to dream of it on the grass foretells a great future for you."