Dreaming of a canary

What does dreaming of a canary mean? How about dreaming of canaries? Dreaming of canaries has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The appearance of a canary in your dream is a sign that your joy will arrive, so don't be depressed about your immediate worries. To dream of a canary flying happily or singing beautifully indicates that you are happy in your heart, living a happy and carefree life. To dream that someone gives you a canary indicates a welcome inheritance. To dream of giving someone a canary indicates that your fondest wishes will bring you disappointment. To dream of a dead canary indicates that a close friend will betray you. A young man dreaming of owning a beautiful canary indicates a high level of glory, success after the days of bookishness, or a happy end to initial love fantasies. A woman dreaming of owning a beautiful canary indicates that you have literary talent and will gain fame for it. If you are a writer, your work will be esteemed by everyone. A man dreaming of a canary indicates that your achievements are limited and you may sit back and enjoy your success. If you give the canary to someone else in your dream, you may encounter setbacks in your relationship, foretelling that your beloved will have another new love and move on, making you painful and upset. If you dream of a canary singing while flying in a luxurious room, it foretells a feast and a rich and elegant life, as well as a favorite friend. If the light in it is a little weird and unnatural, it foretells that you are harboring unrealistic aspirations. Your overconfidence is your worst enemy. A young woman who has had this dream should be careful lest promises that sound good end up disappointing her. The genie in a woman's dream is particularly misleading, and the reality is often not so rosy. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Birds in dreams symbolize fantasies, thoughts and ideas, which must be expressed in an uninhibited manner. As early as in non-Christian times, man was interested in birds and flight. Once upon a time it was believed that birds were conveyors of spirits and that they had the corresponding magic and divine powers. Psychoanalysis: The bird in the dream expresses the human need to give human characteristics to objects and creatures other than yourself. A bird in a cage may signify restriction and wisdom. A bird flying freely represents thoughts and wishes, and possibly a mind that has risen to divine heights. A particularly flamboyant bird feather symbolizes your appearance and indicates how you see yourself in terms of your ways and attitudes. A flock of birds without direction embodies confusion over physical or material observations as opposed to spiritual requirements. Sometimes, birds can represent the feminine, free side of existence. The goldfinch shares the same representation as fire and thus symbolizes spiritual contemplation. The bird soaring high in the sky symbolizes spiritual enlightenment or the part of you that seeks knowledge. In a man's dream, the bird represents bestiality. In a woman's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self. Canary: symbolizes happiness and honor. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul. Case study of dreaming of a canary Description of dream: I dreamed that I had a canary at home, a small and delicate bird with beautiful feathers and a beautiful singing voice. Whenever I had free time, I would go to the cage to play with it and talk to it. The beautiful canary has become a good friend of mine. (Female, 25 years old) Dream Analysis: The graceful, small and singing canary is a sign of happiness and honor. To dream of a canary flying or singing indicates that you are very happy in your heart and lead a carefree, free and happy life; a woman dreaming of having a beautiful canary indicates that you have high literary talent and are recognized by everyone in literary creation, and thus will gain great honor."