Dreaming of a cockfight

What does dreaming of a cockfight mean? Do you dream of a cockfight? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of fighting chickens, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a cockfight is a sign of rising interpersonal luck. You can be bold and positive with anyone, and people around you are bound to be open and honest with you, and there will never be any conflict. To see a short, compact fighting cock in your dream means that your luck has improved, but not too much, but you are satisfied. If you see a cockatoo elephant that is sick or attacked in a storm, it means that your rights will be lost. Dreaming of a chicken fight with blood dripping from the fight suggests that something unfortunate may happen or there will be a heated verbal argument with friends and relatives, which directly affects interpersonal relationships. Dreaming of a cockfight indicates that you are very capable of fighting. Everything will be successful. To dream of a failed cockfight is a sign that one's interests will be lost. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: A rooster is a symbol of a new day, and it also represents mental focus and clarity of mind. To dream of a rooster is a sign of a new beginning in life or a reminder that you need to pay attention to certain situations in your surroundings. Psychological analysis: Dreaming of a rooster generally requires that you should have the spirit of struggle. You should be more brave and honest to face the career you are engaged in. Spiritual symbolism: the rooster in the dream represents masculinity and the time when the dawn breaks."