Dreaming of a crane quail

What does dreaming of a crane quail mean? How about dreaming of crane quail? Dreams of crane quail have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a live crane quail is a very auspicious omen. If you dream of a dead crane quail, it foretells that you have bad luck and something bad is going to befall you. Dreaming of shooting at a crane quail. It foretells that your best friend will make the pair very disgusting. To dream of eating a crane quail foretells you to live a luxurious life. A married woman dreaming of a crane quail foretells a reunion with her husband who has been separated for a long time. A lover dreaming of a crane quail means that you will often and communicate in a good atmosphere. To dream of a crane and quail singing suggests that you may become rich. Dreaming of a crane quail without a single cry suggests that even though your business will be slow at the moment and your career will progress slowly, you will definitely succeed in the end if you persevere. Dreaming of a crane quail means that if your husband or you are away on a business trip, you will soon meet your husband, which also reflects a feeling of longing. Dreaming of a crane quail flying away from a tree implies that you sometimes tend to have only one chance, and if you can't grasp it in time, it will be too late to grab it again, I'm afraid. Remind you must do well in the present, always be prepared. Opportunities are often reserved for those who are prepared."