Dreaming of a dead parrot

What does it mean to dream of a dead parrot? How about dreaming that a parrot died? The dream of a dead parrot has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a dead parrot, beware of villains to prevent being cheated. Dreaming of a dead parrot, then you should beware of making a friend with a bad heart, fearing that you will be deceived by him. To dream of shooting a parrot with a gun is a sign that you can subdue your rival and win the final victory. Dreaming of catching a lot of parrots and choking them to death means that you have a leisurely look, but did not observe the place that has affected others. The emperor is not anxious but anxious to die around a bunch of eunuchs, so that the people who need to cooperate with you anxious. Maybe you think you're doing things at your own pace, but you look lazy and slothful to others. In addition, there are more factors of change in ownership, real estate, it is not advisable to dispose of or get involved in this kind of assets for the time being. Dreams about dead parrots Dreaming of raising a parrot, it turns out that friends make a living by recruiting and cheating, reminding the dreamer to be cautious in making friends. To dream of flocks of parrots foretells that the dreamer will encounter serious, beware of deceitful behavior with the words of someone. To dream of a parrot flying is a good omen, meaning that all sorrows will pass. To dream of a talking parrot represents the dreamer's loneliness and lack of communication with people. To dream of a parrot in a cage foretells the dreamer of difficulties. To dream of beating a parrot with foretells that the dreamer can subdue the pair. To dream of buying a parrot is a bad omen, meaning that the dreamer is uncertain about something. To dream of selling a parrot foretells the dreamer that all obstacles will be removed. To dream of a gift of a parrot foretells that the dreamer will be hated. To dream of putting a parrot in a cage means that there will be infighting, but you will be able to benefit from it. To dream of catching a parrot foretells that the dreamer will beat the competition. To dream of a parrot falling on a tree means that one is not capable of solving the problem at hand and is not in a good mood because of sorrow. To dream of a parrot standing on the ground suggests that the dreamer will make useless partners. A pregnant woman dreaming of a parrot is a fetal dream, which means that the dreamer will have a much higher chance of giving birth. A married dream of a parrot standing on the ground suggests that the dreamer laments that her husband was originally an incompetent person. Case study of dreaming of a dead parrot Recorded dream: I dreamed that a parrot's tail was on fire, and after I took water to put it out, I died of a full body hair loss! Please, how to solve this dream? Dream Analysis: The dream is generally negative, indicating that you may be dealing with something in the near future and your emotions are being negatively affected. In the dream, you see "fire", and it is a living thing on fire, so you can see the urgency of the situation, and the fire can be interpreted as something you are dealing with recently. According to the usual thinking, the fire is extinguished with water, but the parrot in the dream was harmed by it and died from shedding its fur. This means that in the real world, you are getting negative results from your rashness. Even though you think you have a basis for your rashness, you may be out of touch with your reality. Let me give you a few examples. Perhaps the parrot was a "flaming phoenix", and its fire was the process of changing into a phoenix, but you killed it with "common sense". Suggestions: 1, behavior, not all based on experience, that is called stereotypical thinking, people need to have the ability to change the perspective of the analysis of the problem, which may be slightly lacking in you. 2, the dream reveals your recent anxious state, please calmly analyze the treatment. Wish you all the best!"