Dreaming of a green snake

What does dreaming of a green snake mean? Is it good to dream of a green snake? Dreaming of green snakes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a green snake biting your hand is a good omen, life will be carefree. To dream that a green snake bites your wife's hand means that love will be happy. A pregnant woman dreaming of a green snake suggests that the dreamer's fetus will develop very healthily. Case study of dreaming of a green snake Dream Description: This morning at dawn, I dreamed of a very large and long green snake, very beautiful, I was walking on the path, it was in the grass, I hit it with a stick, its tail broke and popped into my mouth, I have been spitting, I ran desperately, it also followed me to run, I used the stick to jump it up and throw it into the water, then it kept swimming, very fast, a while and followed me, then I ran home ah, it also followed me into the kitchen, can not be caught, and then I was awakened. I ran home ah, it also followed me into the kitchen, simply can not catch, and then all of a sudden was awakened by fear, please know the friends to explain, I was very scared ah, now have palpitations ah, thank you. The snake was black and purple on land, but I threw it into the water and it turned green, and later it was always green. Dream Analysis: Green snake is a symbol of money green snake running after you, representing the source of wealth is around, money waiting for you to earn, there is fortune. If it is a woman, the chances of pregnancy are there, but not really sure. Wish you all the best!"