Dreaming of a hairless bird

What does dreaming of a hairless bird mean? How is it to dream of a hairless bird? Dreams of hairless birds have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a bird with no hair and no call means that you may be oppressed by a rich person, but you have no choice but to put up with it in order to survive. And or you are often argued at work to do things you do not want to do, and you do not dare to resist, you can only reluctantly do. If you dream of a hairless bird, if you dream of a bird that has no hair and does not chirp, this dream is not said to be a good omen, nor is it considered to be a great evil, but only something that will slightly happen to aggravate your will and have to do. Its foretelling is that in the near future you may be oppressed by the rich people of the land. But in order to survive, you can only put up with it, and this is something that can not be helped. In addition, this dream or foretells that recently in the workplace, you will receive the task you do not want to do, even if you want to resist, but in order to keep their jobs, or have to accept, reluctantly to do things. Dreaming that a hairless bird almost drowned in a bird's nest, you will get a lost property. (Official website of Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation) Dreaming of catching a hairless bird means that when you need to borrow money, you will meet a "iron chicken" who will talk about you even if you can't borrow money. Dreaming of a bird covered in baldness symbolizes the ambivalence of dependence and the desire for freedom, or the opinions and demands of others that are not to your liking. To dream of a hairless bird is a sign that the family will be harmonious and life will be smooth. A man dreaming of a hairless bird foretells that his luck is not good lately, many things are not going well, bad luck will last some time, pay more attention to it. A woman dreaming of a hairless bird foretells that her health is not good, so she should pay more attention to her food health and seek medical attention if there is any abnormality. A businessman dreaming of a hairless bird foretells that he has been very unlucky in his business lately, his competitors are very strong and he will lose money in his business. An elderly person dreaming of a hairless bird foretells poor health and minor ailments, so keep a good mind. A patient dreaming of a hairless bird foretells that his condition may deteriorate recently. It is recommended that he should pay more attention to his emotions and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment. A student dreaming of a hairless bird foretells that he is lazy in his studies recently, thus causing his academic performance to drop significantly Case study of dreaming of a hairless bird Dream description: Yesterday I dreamed that a hairless bird jumped from the window to my table and then jumped on me. After eating the food I took, it grew white fluffy hair. What does this mean? Dream Analysis: You can look at Freud's book "The Analysis of Dreams". In it, there is a statement that dreams are the yearning of the human subconscious or something. That is, you wish that a small bird would fly to you, and at the same time this small bird would eat with you, and wish that it would become whiter. Maybe it's a lack of comfort in your soul, needing someone, a friend, a lover or whatever ......"