Dreaming of a partridge

What does dreaming of a partridge mean? Is it good to dream of a partridge? Dreaming of a partridge has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The melancholy call of the partridge symbolizes sorrow. To dream of a partridge means that the heart is sorrowful. A woman dreaming of a partridge will be separated from her husband and will be saddened by this. To dream of a partridge flying in the sky means that all sorrows will disappear. To dream of a partridge flying away from one's hand means the failure of a lawsuit. To dream of a partridge eating a worm means making enemies everywhere and attracting worries for yourself. To dream of feeding worms to a partridge means that you are worried because of a loss in money. To dream of putting a partridge in a cage means to suffer losses due to one's own mistakes. To dream of releasing a partridge from its cage means relief from sorrow. To dream of giving a partridge to someone means to pay off one's father's debts. Case study of dreaming of a partridge Dream Description: Last night I dreamed that there were two partridges locked in a very small bird cage and kept calling then I also saw many small partridges that looked like chicks and I stole a small one to go. Is there any sign for such a dream? Dream Analysis: The cry of a partridge sounds sad, so dreaming of a partridge symbolizes sorrow. At first, two partridges were locked in a bird cage, symbolizing that your sorrow was suppressed internally and not released, and later you stole one, symbolizing that you are looking for an outlet for your inner misery. It foretells that you will soon be freed from your sorrow. Having negative emotions should be digested in time, holding them in your heart does not solve the problem."