Dreaming of a pig's tail

What does it mean to dream of a pig's tail? Is it good to dream of a pig's tail? Dreaming of a pig's tail has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are looking at the tail of an animal indicates that you will be in a happy mood. To dream that you take a knife and cut off a pig's tail symbolizes that due to your own carelessness, you therefore have to suffer and endure something unfortunate at your own peril. To dream that you have a pig's tail on your buttocks predicts that your wrongdoing will bring disaster. A businessman dreaming of a pig's tail implies that he will suffer great losses in business due to his misjudgment. To see only a pig's tail in your dream foretells that you will be desperately searching for happiness, but you will be surprised to find an interesting phenomenon: it turns out that the happiness you are struggling to find leaves you not with happiness in continuation after a short time, but with more permanent troubles."