Dreaming of a pug

What does dreaming of a pug mean? Is it good to dream of a pug? Dreaming of a pug has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The pug dog is muscular and has a fierce face, but is kind-hearted, intelligent, has a strong memory, is affectionate, has a cheerful personality, loves to play with children, and is loved by people. To dream of a pug is a sign that you will encounter difficulties, but fortunately you will receive assistance from friends. Dreaming of a thin, bony, ugly pug indicates that you must get rid of the shadow of misfortune and things that make you sad, otherwise the depression will be difficult to change. Dream of being bitten by a pug to the thigh, foretelling or you are recently with friends, colleagues, there are some differences of opinion, to deal with interpersonal relations in good time, if interpersonal relations deteriorate, will be isolated. Also can not rule out that you have villains around you, must pay attention. I dreamed I hugged a big pug, these two days, if you want others to be nice to you, you have to show a friendly attitude beforehand to do so. You have to control your emotions properly when you do things. To dream that a friendly pug is approaching you foretells a double success in love and career. For a woman, this dream is a harbinger of an upcoming marriage. A pregnant woman dreaming of a pug represents, in a great program, an expectation of a future baby and a sign of a safe mother and child. Pregnant women dreaming of a pug biting them implies a reminder to those who are pregnant to pay attention to their eating patterns and not to overeat. To dream that you hit a pug is a sign that you will make people who were faithful to you suspicious of you due to your own faults. Dreaming that you have a pug can prove that family and friends are your best helpers in times of disaster."