Dreaming of a robin

What does it mean to dream of a robin? How about dreaming of a robin? Dreaming of a mockingbird has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The mockingbird is a symbol of martyrdom in religion. The robin in a dream indicates an innocent victim. To dream of many robins foretells that good news will come soon. Dreaming of catching a robin reminds you to take care of your health and you may get sick. To dream of killing a mockingbird foretells that you may have disagreements with your friends. To dream of a dead robin is a sign that you will encounter many obstacles and need to overcome many difficulties. To dream of a dying mockingbird indicates that you will be an innocent victim, a pawn to be used. To dream of a robin chirping is an ominous sign. To dream of a robin flying around means success in business. Dreaming of killing a robin or several robins will lead to a quarrel with a friend. Those who are outside the country dream of a robin will soon return to their homeland."