Dreaming of a roc

What does dreaming of a roc mean? Is it good to dream of a peng bird? Dreaming of a roc has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of flying up to the sky on a roc predicts that you will become famous. Dreaming of a roc flying over the sea, auspicious, the status will be promoted. Those who took the exam dreamed of a roc flying over the sea, the exam went well. The incumbent dreamed that he saw a roc flying over the sea and would be promoted. A businessman dreaming that a roc flies over the sea will be profitable when he goes out to do business. A pregnant woman dreaming of a roc flying across the sea will give birth to a son who will be a useful talent in the future. ww.dreammaster.org To dream that you see the roc is not called, represents that you will have a period of unhappiness in the future, but the fortune comes with it. Dreaming of a roc bird laying an egg, but the egg is really broken, will suffer from poverty and lead a hard life. Dreaming of a roc bird locked in its own bird cage, the work it is currently engaged in will be successful and rewarding. To dream that you are hunting with a roc is an omen of what damage you will likely receive. Dreaming of playing with the roc bird you keep together, your wife will be gloomy due to poor health or inability to have children. Dreaming of a roc bird flying away, how they can not chase, foretells that these recent mood will be very bad, do not pay attention to the money to break. Dreaming of a roc bird egg with a small chick that has not yet emerged from its shell is a sign of a lost lawsuit. The original version of Zhou Gong dream dreaming of Peng bird Dreaming of flying up to the sky across a roc is very auspicious. The Lord's fame will be greatly enhanced and spread in all directions. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of a roc flying across the sea is very auspicious. Peng is the largest bird, dreaming of flying across the sea, the test is rewarded, not constrained by the normal style; official by special grace, will be promoted. Businessmen dream of this, will be profitable in distant places; if pregnant women dream of this, the Lord will give birth to outstanding people. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming that the wind sends the roc flying is very auspicious, the main future is far. Menglin Xuan Xie Case study of dreaming of a roc Dream description: I had a dream last night, a little blurry, but the most impressive scenario is: a large roc bird while screaming and flying low past me, while holding me tightly in its claws, and then quickly flying into the sky, and I still look at it from time to time, and it still screams from time to time, please tell me what is the meaning of this dream? Dream Analysis: Dreaming of a roc bird symbolizes a brilliant future and foretells fame and fortune."