Dreaming of a short-legged chicken

What does dreaming of a short-legged chicken mean? Is it good to dream of a chicken with short legs? Dreaming of a short-legged chicken has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a short-legged chicken means that although you have little luck, you are content. To dream of a sickly-looking dwarf chicken or one exposed to a cold storm (rain) suggests that your interests will be weakened. To dream of a short-legged chicken flying with wings, it foretells that your future is full of hope. To dream of setting a trap to catch a dwarf chicken foretells that what you expect will be achieved successfully. To dream of hunting and killing dwarf chickens foretells that you will be successful, but you will have to dedicate much of your wealth to others. To dream of eating short-legged chicken meat is a sign that you will receive the honor or commendation you deserve."