Dreaming of a small bull

What does dreaming of a small bull mean? Is it good to dream of a small bull? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of a small bull, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a young bull indicates that friends will be with you if you are threatened by enemies. It also indicates that you are in good health. Dreaming of a young bull, you will be favored by those around you and win a loyal heart. A businessman dreaming of a young bull indicates profit from sales. wWw.dreammaster.org A person in love dreaming of a young bull will be happily united with his partner. Dreaming of a pitiful young bull, the end result is generally happy, but it may take a difficult process to get the goal. To dream of a strong and obese bull is a good omen, foretelling a great fortune. If it is a fetus dream, it is a good omen of getting a precious son. To dream of a white calf is a sign that one's standard of living will be a level higher than those who are bent on material gain, and this dream foretells a harvest. If you dream that a young bull is jacking people, you should not take advantage of other people's property and misfortune will suddenly come to you. To dream of a young bull chasing you foretells that career troubles will arise due to jealousy of competitors making bad decisions."