Dreaming of a small monkey

Dreaming of a small monkey, get this dream is the gold in the earth branch, then the recent career development is good, more with the talent of others sincerely, autumn dream is auspicious, winter cold know is not auspicious. Although this dream has a long-term plan for the business, should get along with others, harmonious party to get returns, because of its Shen gold, heaven and earth extremely rigid things, then the character of tough people in turn incur disaster, career development is unfavorable. A single woman dreaming of a small monkey, even if there is true love for each other, never two people really like, too picky, why get true love, get this dream should know how to meet and be happy. Just married woman dreaming of a small monkey, is the recent career and the entanglement of others is not good for your life, more character, too much self, then career development will be hindered, get this dream and the Rooster, the Dragon, cooperation career can have signs of improvement, do not have more quarrels with others. Those who seek money outside go west auspicious, go east unlucky, engaged in and finance, finance and other related industries, more noble luck, is to get along well with others."