Dreaming of a small white snake

Dreaming of a small white snake, white five elements of gold, the snake represents the main fire, then the dreamer's career development by others, there are signs of unfavorable to your life, the summer dream is auspicious, the winter dream is not auspicious. Single woman dreaming of a small white snake, the recent emotional situation is not smooth, more than due to trivial matters and entangled with others, then it is not good for your life. Married man dreaming of a small white snake, the sign of a lot of villains, then the cooperation with others is not good for your life, business, fire grams gold, is because of money matters and others entangled, then lead to your career failure, life troubles are quite a lot. Those who seek money outside, going west is auspicious, going east is not auspicious, going west to seek money, engaged in finance, money management, is the good fortune of money, then good luck in partial wealth. Engaged in metal, hardware and other related industries, career development will have the help of noblemen, then to your life is smooth, do not vent personal temper of the people, in turn, incur disasters constantly. Engaged in and clothing, decoration and other related industries, and other people entangled, is your heart much restlessness."