Dreaming of a turtle eating a snake

What does it mean to dream of a turtle eating a snake? How about dreaming that a turtle eats a snake? Dreaming of a turtle eating a snake has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The turtle is the Xuanwu, the main north; the snake is the Qinglong, the main east. The two are fighting each other, indicating that you are facing some kind of choice in your life. To dream of a turtle biting a snake, the omen shows the north. Dreaming of a turtle swallowing a snake, the basilisk shape is the snake coiled on the back of the turtle, symbolizing male and female intercourse. You are dreaming of desire surging in your heart. To dream of a turtle and a snake confronting each other indicates that wealth is rolling in. Dreaming of snakes and turtles foretells that there may be an argument with a neighbor in the near future or an unpleasant matter with a colleague at ease, both need to be quiet with each other and properly handled and resolved so as not to let their reputation be affected. If the dreamer has really offended someone, you have to sincerely apologize to the other party, do not run away from the battle, which may make the dreamer's reputation. It is said that more friends are better than more than one enemy, so dreamers should know how to weigh the pros and cons, so as not to let each other become a stumbling block in their careers, or they will really regret dying later. Dreaming of snakes and turtles is another way of saying that the dreamer will encounter more troublesome things in the near future, although the dreamer wants to deal with it, but seems to have the will to do so, if the dreamer can persist in not giving up, things will someday clear up. To dream of snakes and turtles as a minor means that the dreamer is healthy and full of energy, and there will be no illnesses around the dreamer in the near future, which will make the dreamer feel happy. However, if you do not pay attention to diet or sleep quality, the body will still give a warning, so in order to keep their resistance to decline, it is better to do more exercise, more maintenance, to avoid "disaster", plus the dream of snakes and turtles overall good luck, so many things will have a good result. Case study of dreaming that a turtle eats a snake Dream description: I had a dream that I was eating in a restaurant and saw a turtle and a snake on the ground. But I was amazed that the turtle performed very well and to my surprise, swallowed the snake from the head, body and tail several times in one go very quickly. My feeling at that time was, "Why is the turtle doing so well? I was pleased with its ability to take the initiative. I usually stay away from snakes because I think they are dangerous, but I have always thought of turtles as being more quiet. The whole dream gave me a feeling of relief and surprise, and I felt lighter after waking up from the dream. By the way, I usually have a turtle, not big, I feed it every day, change the water, I think it is very swimming around very cute. But the turtle in the dream world is not the same one than the small turtle I have. It was a little bigger than my little turtle. Personally, I feel that "men and women with extinction" and "anonymous" answer to a certain extent more in line with my specific situation. But a friend said the snake is a symbol of male sex organs is what happened (I am a male), by the way, the dream turtle did not chew the snake, just a mouthful of paragraph swallowed in, because the snake is relatively long, I was worried that it could not swallow all, but incredibly, it swallowed all, from the head to the tail of the snake. Dream Analysis: Related to your personality, your personality should be more quiet, introverted and traditional. The turtle you keep is exactly that. The snake represents terror, insidiousness, rebellion, danger, and certain people in society, certain behaviors, certain trends, and these may be alien to your thinking, so you are very uncomfortable, but in reality you are powerless to resist, so there is such a dream. Let you feel that you have finally overcome them and feel very relaxed and comfortable."