Dreaming of a white wolf

Dreaming of a white wolf, to get this dream is gold and earth, food and injury produce wealth, good career, this is an auspicious omen, white five elements of the main gold, the wolf represents the earth, earth and gold, good career. The dream is auspicious in autumn, but in spring it is inauspicious. Dreaming of a white wolf is too small-minded performance in the recent career, and people with delicate character bring more troubles. A single man or woman dreaming of this dream is a sign of unfavorable career development, and it is not good for your life. To dream of a white wolf is a sign of trouble in your career, but you don't know how to solve the worries in your heart, so your life will be unsettled. Married men dreaming of white wolves, career development will be entangled with others, is the sign of a lot of villains around, then lead to your career is not smooth. The old man dreamed of it, is to have the hope that the son will become a dragon. Hoping for a daughter to become a phoenix, too demanding, but lead to disaster. Get this dream and the pig people, the rat people cooperation, more unfavorable in the business, and others entanglement will lead to your heart have anxiety."