Dreaming of a white-necked crow

What does it mean to dream of a white-necked crow? Is it good to dream of a white-necked crow? Dreams of white-necked crows have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A poor person dreaming of a white-necked crow means that he will get wealth recently. A wronged person dreaming of a white-necked crow will be vindicated. A pregnant woman dreaming of a white-necked crow will give birth to a good, filial and intelligent child. A patient dreaming of a white-necked crow may have an aggravating condition. To dream of a white-necked crow with bad things in the house means that it starts to get better. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To dream of a white-necked crow is a dream of the poor. The Lord will get wealth. When an aggrieved person dreams of it, the Lord will get white. If a pregnant woman dreams of it, she will have a filial son. A dream of a sick person is a bad omen. If you have a mourning dress, it is a good omen. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: The white-necked jay in a dream symbolizes fantasies, thoughts and ideas, which must be expressed in an uninhibited manner. As early as non-Christian times, people were interested in white-necked crows and flight. Once upon a time it was believed that the white-necked jay was a conveyer of spirits and that it had the appropriate magic and divine powers. Psychoanalysis: The white-necked jay in your dream expresses the human need to give human characteristics to objects and creatures other than yourself. A white-necked crow in a cage may signify restriction and wisdom. A free-flying white-necked jay represents thoughts and wishes, and possibly a mind that rises to the heights of the divine. A particularly flamboyant bird feather symbolizes your appearance and indicates how you see yourself in terms of your ways and attitudes. A flock of directionless birds embodies confusion over physical or material observations as opposed to spiritual requirements. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the white-necked crow in a dream represents the human soul."