Dreaming of alligators

What does it mean to dream of alligators? How about dreaming of alligators? Dreaming of alligators has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Alligators or other reptiles in dreams indicate a deep-seated fear in the dreamer. He cannot overcome this feeling and fears that he will be gradually consumed by it. This fear stems from aggression around you, or being an enemy of a powerful person, or an enemy of someone who has betrayed your trust and harmed you or even a close friend who wants to cheat and attack you. Dreaming of an alligator is bad for all those who have appeared in this dream unless you kill it. This is a warning dream. A pregnant woman dreaming of an alligator will have a difficult delivery, so she needs to go to the hospital in advance to check the fetal position. If you dream of an alligator, you will be invaded by a vicious enemy, or an enemy of a strong man, or an enemy of someone who has betrayed your trust and harmed you. Dreaming of alligators approaching you step by step, you have to spend a lot of money to cure your loved ones. Dreaming of an alligator fiercely pouncing on you, your enemy will not easily give up and will be your enemy for a long time. Dreaming of an alligator chasing a friend, the friend will be a coward and cannot be relied upon. Dreaming of finally getting rid of an alligator will avoid major dangers. Dreaming of an alligator escaping, happiness will come. To dream of a dead alligator floating in the water, the dreamer's neighbors and friends will have a disaster and should act carefully. An unmarried woman dreaming that she sees an alligator approaching her will marry a weak man. A married man dreaming of an alligator approaching him indicates that business will be criticized by villains or framed by friends around him and suffer losses."