Dreaming of anchovies

What does it mean to dream of anchovies? How about dreaming of anchovies? Dreams of anchovies have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The anchovy is known for its tail like the tail of a phoenix with brilliant colors, while the dream anchovy represents fortune. Whether the anchovies in your dream are live or canned, they symbolize that you will have smooth sailing in love and success in your career. Dreaming of anchovy indicates smooth sailing and success in career. A businessman dreaming of anchovies foretells great fortune and good fortune. People in love dreaming of anchovies means that love will be sweet and sweet. Dreams about anchovies To dream of a goldfish swimming around means that the dreamer will be happy. Dreaming of a goldfish swimming happily in water, water means life, indicating that the dreamer is living freely in his own circle of life, living a rich and happy life, and is well on his way to career development. To dream of a goldfish kept in a fish tank represents an unfavorable environment. This is because the goldfish in the fish tank seem to be happy and free, but in fact they are under the control of someone. To dream of a goldfish jumping means that the adventure the dreamer is doing will be successful and bring excitement and pleasure. To dream of a bouncing goldfish may indicate that what you are risking your life for will be successful, exciting and stimulating. A man or woman in love dreaming of a sick or dead goldfish indicates that disappointment is coming heavily upon her. Case study of dreaming of anchovy Dream description: I have an adult male peacock fish and 2 juveniles at home. Last night I dreamed that a juvenile fish had become an adult, and the more I looked closely at the tank, the more I saw a few especially small and translucent fish (I don't know what kind of fish they are, they could be worms). I woke up with it. Dream analysis: dream of anchovies is good luck, everything is smooth sailing, love career and a bumper crop."