Dreaming of animal horns

What does dreaming of animal horns mean? Is it good to dream of animal horns? Dreams of animal horns have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The horn of the beast is used for wrestling, especially during courtship. In the middle, the horn of the beast is symbolic of turmoil. To dream that you have horns on your head means that you will try your best to toss and turn and will have a day of prosperity. Dreaming that someone else's head grows horns, it means that you speak and do things completely based on the good or bad personal Og, the result is to make enemies everywhere, everywhere, disaster is coming. Should be properly restrained, change the attitude of people in the world. To dream of buying and selling animal horns means that life is turbulent and unstable. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream horns. This dream is an omen of the retreat of the demons and the lurking of the kids. People have a dream, everything can be for, not for has been, no greed, no delusion. The night will come from the bright, both gathered no longer come. If the dream head horn, the literati main momentous, martial artist main perish. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of a knife hanging from the corner, fierce. The main mourning clothes. Raw horn is not good, hanging knife what used, the knife used to hang for the horn, horn increase - point, the word Yong also, it is advisable to push the human ground. The Dream Forest Xuan Xie Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The horns of animals represent the bestial nature of man in dreams. The god Pan (the god who ruled over forest husbandry in classical Greek mythology) symbolizes sex and vitality, and he has a pair of horns on his head. The one horn symbolizes penis and masculinity. The horns that appear in the dream represent both protection and offense. In addition, the horn used by the hunter represents a warning or urging signal. Psychoanalysis: The horns appearing in the dream symbolize the advantages you have yourself or have obtained from others. For a long time, it was believed that the horns of an animal could give a person the power of the corresponding animal. In many myths and legends, horns on the head symbolize high status. Spiritual symbolism: the horn grows on the head, so it represents supernatural spiritual power. On a spiritual level, the horn that appears in dreams symbolizes divinity and the power of the soul."