Dreaming of bee swarms

What does dreaming of bee swarms mean? How about dreaming of a bee colony? Dreams of bee swarms have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a swarm of bees chasing your child means that your fazi is in good health and is well disciplined. To dream of a swarm of bees chasing someone else's child means that something you have longed for will suddenly come true and surprise you. To dream of a swarm of bees flying around a beehive is a sign of leading many employees and making a big success. Dreaming of many bees means getting help from friends and good days are coming. Case study of dreaming of a swarm of bees Dream description: I fell asleep at night while boiling a DVD, and walked into a primitive forest in a daze, just like the background of a fairy tale, I was happily walking on the forest path, flanked by unknown exotic flowers and grasses, and thousand-year-old trees, when I heard a buzzing sound, a large group of bees chasing me, surrounded me, face and arms were stung with bees, but the strange thing is that I do not feel pain, and can not see the skin has redness and swelling, etc. I woke up when I used both hands to drive the swarm of bees. Dream Analysis: You fell asleep while watching the disc, this is also the case when the outer sense is most likely to dream, sleep is not ripe, I reckon you have a mosquito in the house, the mosquito buzzing sound by your brain's filter, deduce your this dream. You were surrounded by a swarm of bees in your dream, but you were not stung! It may be that you have read about needleless bees. As far as I know, the bees that deliver pollen for numerous filters are needleless bees, and with this name, it means that they do not have the instinct to sting their enemies. Your dream was a happy one, and there was no external feeling of pain, so this kind of bee was chosen as the main character in your dream. By the law of dreaming, dreaming of a swarm of bees is an auspicious omen, because bees are hardworking, organized, and run a large family, fighting for a lifetime to carry on the family line, which is a very healthy image, and this dream is a metaphor that your family will become more and more prosperous and grow in wealth. A large swarm of bees attacking you reminds you that there is opposition in carrying out things, but the hostility around you will make you go forward more courageously, and the swarm will not harm you, which shows your strength, so this is an auspicious dream. But if the dream is a friend or a friend of the opposite sex, it is not auspicious, and can be interpreted as you know that the relationship with this friend is harmful to your future, but still bent on the final victim, must break the relationship is the best policy."