Dreaming of beehives

What does dreaming of beehives mean? How about dreaming of a beehive or a honeycomb? Dreams of honeycomb and beehives have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a beehive foretells you good luck, good health and a peaceful life. If the honeycomb is filled with honey, it means a happy, sweet and full life. If honey flows out of honey in your dream, it means that it will be very advantageous to take the initiative and attack the weak points of the enemy. A woman dreaming that a beehive is destroyed is bad and foretells that her child may be seriously ill. To dream of a beehive falling on the ground means to encounter disaster difficulties. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The beehive symbolizes a well-organized living group. There is hard work here and people can make full use of all kinds of resources. You if dream that you are in the vicinity of a beehive. It may indicate that you must put in great efforts so that you can achieve good results. The honeycomb also indicates motherly maintenance and help. Psychoanalysis: If you dream that you raise a swarm of bees, it indicates that you should also make full use of your physical and intellectual resources. Spiritual symbolism: the honeycomb symbolizes the feminine power in nature. A hollow vessel containing rich nourishment often in close contact with Mother Earth, and may also signify an existing or lack of verbal expression."