Dreaming of big fish

What does dreaming of big fish mean? Is it good to dream of big fish? Dreaming of big fish has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a big fish indicates great wealth or joy, a dream in which people involuntarily magnify good things in reality; these may not be specific riches, but spiritual gains or a great opportunity. The dreamer is reminded that he must be careful to grasp in reality and not to miss a good opportunity. Dreaming of a lot of big fish foretells that there will be a lot of changes in their own affairs in the near future, such as things that have been agreed with people may change in the middle of the process, and also affect their own financial luck, in terms of acting friendships should also be careful, in front of the interests to be able to keep a clear head, do not let yourself regret. As a working person dreaming of a lot of big fish, it shows that recently your work status is relatively good, and you are more active, and some of your good suggestions will make your bosses look at you, and get the appreciation of others, so make good use of it. Students dreaming of a lot of big fish foretell that grades will rise, recently their thinking skills have improved, turning quickly, recently learn things easily, and there are doing progress, will be very easy to succeed. A man dreaming of a lot of big fish, foretells that the recent luck is relatively good, you can let nature take its course and use your heart when dealing with people, not to blindly exercise their desires. If a pregnant woman dreams that she sees a big fish swimming in the water, it is a very auspicious dream. This dream predicts that the baby to be born to the pregnant woman will grow up to be successful and prestigious. Dreaming of heavy rain swimming around in the water foretells that one's popularity will be increased and one will become famous. A pregnant woman dreaming of a big fish is an auspicious sign that her baby is healthy and she may also give birth to a white and fat baby boy. Case study of dreaming of big fish Description of dream: Last night I dreamed that I caught a big fish, I don't know what it means. The situation is probably like this: I went to a river, saw a guy in a fish, a black, dolphin-like fish swimming in front, the guy with a sharp fork fork a fish, back and forth several times, and finally a fish to pierce. The fish was caught. I think this is quite easy, I also go, with a big stick, see a big black fish swimming over, I knocked down a stick, the fish knocked out, I picked up the fish back to Grandma's house (Grandma died a few years ago, Grandma especially loved us). This big fish in my arms struggled a few times, and then quite meekly let me hold. Later it seems that the fish was cooked and eaten. What does this dream represent? Dream Analysis: Dreaming of a big fish represents wealth and joy, this fish in your dream is an omen of a very good opportunity, and this opportunity was successfully seized by you, it is really a good dream of great fortune."