Dreaming of birds

What does dreaming of birds mean? How about dreaming of birds? Dreams of birds have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a white crane flying in the air, your financial luck may improve. Maybe your mother's time deposit expires and will ask you what you want to buy, pick something a little more expensive. To dream of frolicking with a bird resting on your hand suggests that you will fall passionately in love. You will surely fall in love like crazy and taste its sweetness and sourness. Dreaming of chickens pecking at feed, there will be the possibility of being misunderstood in terms of behavior. Inadvertently staring at the billboard of an adult movie on the street, just when you meet your classmates passing by ...... later they will look at you with a sense of ridicule. Be careful with this. Dreaming of an eagle flying in the sky, there will be progress in your studies. The reference book that you bought back without thinking is just right for your study ability. With this as an opportunity, your grades start to rise step by step. To dream of a crow flying in a circle indicates that interpersonal relationships will not go well. Your pretentiousness will be disliked by your friends. Only by trying to be humble will your luck improve. Dreaming of an owl resting on a tree, there is a shadow in health. Be especially careful when reading a book because the lack of light has caused myopia. If you are wearing glasses with an unsuitable prescription, you are advised to get a new pair immediately. Psychological interpretation of dreams about birds Dream Interpretation: Birds in dreams symbolize fantasies, thoughts and ideas, which must be expressed in an uninhibited manner. As early as in non-Christian times, man was interested in birds and flight. Once upon a time it was believed that birds were conveyors of spirits and that they had the corresponding magic and divine powers. Psychoanalysis: The bird in the dream expresses the human need to give human characteristics to objects and creatures other than yourself. A bird in a cage may signify restriction and wisdom. A bird flying freely represents thoughts and wishes, and possibly a mind that has risen to divine heights. A particularly flamboyant bird feather symbolizes your appearance and indicates how you see yourself in terms of your ways and attitudes. A flock of birds without direction embodies confusion over physical or material observations as opposed to spiritual requirements. Sometimes, birds can represent the feminine, free side of existence. The goldfinch shares the same representation as fire and thus symbolizes spiritual contemplation. The bird soaring high in the sky symbolizes spiritual enlightenment or the part of you that seeks knowledge. In a man's dream, the bird represents bestiality. In a woman's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self. For a detailed analysis, the birds in the following dreams play a role. Mountain eagle: In dreams, this predatory bird symbolizes dominance and superiority. In addition, the mountain eagle represents perceptiveness and awareness, prudence and objectivity, and more precisely, realism. If you equate yourself with a mountain eagle, it indicates your desire to dominate others. If you feel threatened by the mountain eagle, it means that some outsider's is a danger to you. Kingfisher: a symbol of calmness and dignity. Magpie: In European folklore, magpies and cold crows are thieves, so these two birds have this meaning in dreams: a person very close to you tries to take away your very precious items. Magpies are also conveyors of intense curiosity. Duck: In dreams, it generally symbolizes artifice or childish pretentiousness. The owl: In dreams, it represents wisdom and the art of war. The owl is closely related to darkness and therefore it also symbolizes death. The eagle: It is very close in symbolism to the mountain eagle. As a predatory bird, it embodies the yearning for freedom and hope of those who are in bondage. It is a symbol of access to the pleasures of life. Pheasant: If you dream of a pheasant, it generally predicts that you will get rich and happy. The Goose: In dream interpretation, it represents vigilance and love. Like the swan, it symbolizes the dawn and new life. A flock of geese is seen as an alarm against misfortune. The wild goose represents the soul and your heretical side. Iris: As a devourer of carrion, it is associated with the destructive side of women. Rooster: It appears in the dream and represents the self with actual talent. It can only manifest itself when you are involved in a certain group, and the growth potential is always there. But the chicken also symbolizes stupidity and timidity. The rooster is a symbol of the beginning of a new day, of thoughtful attention and vigilance. It represents the male principle and therefore the desire to be brave and fearless and always ahead. The hen symbolizes caution, maternal care and reproduction. If you dream of a hen clucking, this is an indication of female dominance. Zhu Heron: This bird is a symbol of perseverance and longing. Young birds: Personal situations and feelings can have a profound effect on your communication with your inner self. Past happiness can be expressed in dreams about young birds. Crows: Traditionally, a crow in a dream is a warning to beware of death, it can also symbolize wisdom and trickery. Cuckoo: It symbolizes cunning and unrequited love. As a messenger of spring, it represents the transition from depleted energy to renewed freshness and vitality. Lark: Traditionally, it is regarded as the supersense of worldly mortals. Seagull: represents freedom and strength. Pelican: A symbol of sacrifice and humility, denoting caring, maternal love. Peacock: If you dream of a peacock, it indicates that the development of your awareness is like that of a peacock - developing from a simple, unassuming young bird to the most beautiful of birds. Like the phoenix, the peacock is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Penguin: It is believed that penguins represent both adaptability and stupidity. Dodo: This black bird may be a symbol of sin and wisdom. If it speaks in a dream, then what it says is often considered prophetic. The swallow: it represents hope and the coming spring in dreams. The swan: like the wild goose, it symbolizes the human soul and is considered a divine bird. Sometimes, it may suggest a peaceful death. Sparrow: busy and hardworking from it. Woodpecker: In mythology, the woodpecker is the king's defender and the defender of the trees. It is said to have magical powers. The crane: a symbol of new life and new beginnings. Ostrich: Suggests that you or another person in the dream is trying to escape responsibility. The dove: it represents tranquility, a symbol of tranquility after a storm, and a symbol of the soul. The gentle side of human nature is expressed in the dream as the dove. Turkey: Traditionally, this bird is a dish served during holidays and special celebratory occasions. Thus, symbolizing good times. The quail: represents love and sometimes courage and happiness. In a negative sense, it symbolizes magic and witchcraft. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul."