Dreaming of black dragon

Dreaming of black dragon, get this dream black five elements of the main water, the dragon represents the main reservoir, then the water into the reservoir, is the recent development of good career, the sign of more noble people, and others get along well to your life is beneficial, the spring dream is auspicious, the autumn dream is not auspicious. Single woman dreaming of a black dragon, the main career and cooperation with others has an important impact on your life, then get this dream should see the purpose of others, not arbitrary, but to invite disaster. Single man dreaming of a black dragon, the main recent bad, there are signs of unfavorable business, if no long-term vision, it is difficult to do things in harmony, the relationship with others will be unfavorable. If you have this dream and the Rat and the Ox work together, you will have signs of partial fortune in your career, but if you are controlled by others for minor things, it will be bad for your life. Those who seek money outside to go north is auspicious, to go south is not auspicious, engaged in and knitting supplies, textiles and other related industries, get this dream is a good career development, life is smooth performance."