Dreaming of black pigs

What does it mean to dream of black pigs? Is it good to dream of a black pig? Dreaming of black pigs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a black pig, life will be happy. Dreaming of slaughtering a black pig, beware of calamities. To dream of eating black pork, the main disaster is away. When you dream of buying black pork, the Lord will keep you away from calamities and evil. The black pig in the dream represents wealth and fortune. The black pig in the dream is friendly, indicating that the dreamer has good luck in everything and has a chance of getting rich. The black pig in the dream is vicious, indicating that the dreamer's current life is full of obstacles. A pregnant woman dreaming of a black pig indicates that the child she gives birth to in the future will be rich and blessed; a black pig implies the birth of a son, and a white pig implies the birth of a daughter."