Dreaming of black spiders

What does dreaming of black spiders mean? How about dreaming of black spiders? Dreams of black spiders have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The spider represents the usual life of some troubles and entanglements, and the creation of troublesome people; also indicates that you are too much psychological pressure, can not calm down; also represents the work or life obstacles, will encounter difficulties. And the black spider represents what you fear in your heart. To dream of a black spider means that you are energetic and work carefully and cautiously, and therefore your earnings will grow satisfactorily. A man dreaming of a black spider may foretell that your property is being coveted by bad people, so be careful and guard against it. A woman dreaming of a black spider, (Zhou Gong's dream www.dreammaster.org) foretells that she will suffer from diseases in the uterus. Dreaming of a black spider falling onto your body from a roof or high place foretells the arrival of calamity and bad luck. Dreaming of a dead black spider is a good thing, indicating that sorrow and difficulties will finally come to an end. To dream of killing a black spider crawling on your body indicates strong health. To dream of stepping on a dead black spider is a sign of a possible disaster in the family. To dream of killing a black spider symbolizes a quarrel between you and your wife or lover. Dreaming that you are bitten by a black spider makes you a victim because of someone else's dishonest behavior, and business enemies will bring you pain. Dreaming of a black spider foretells that you are now making very extensive friends and have many friends. Dreaming of a large spider indicates that you feel fearful of human interaction and are afraid to face the complexities of social relationships. Dreaming of a black spider eating a fly indicates that something bad will happen at some time in the future and should be carefully avoided. To dream of a dead black spider is a sign that difficulties are about to pass. To dream of a black spider crawling on your body suggests that a disaster will come. Case study of dreaming of black spiders Dream description: For most of the year, almost whenever I sleep, I have dreams, usually about people and things from the past, and they are still nightmares. Yesterday I dreamed that there was a very large black spider in my house, probably almost a meter. Always feel will fall crawling on their own body, want to kill him, but afraid of being bitten by him, the dream inside surprisingly put the winter cotton clothes and pants, and is a child, all on the body, my mother used the quilt to wrap me very tight, but also support the mosquito net it went away, woke up in a cold sweat. (When I was four or five years old, sleeping, a palm-sized spider fell on the face, from then on very afraid of spiders.) Dream analysis: dream of black spider represents your inner fear of things, you must be the last six months there is something that makes you fear or disgust has been bothering you, so it will appear in your dream with your most fearful spider image, find out this thing, solve it properly, you can get rid of the trouble."