Dreaming of bringing rabbits to myself

What does it mean to dream of bringing rabbits to yourself? How about dreaming of bringing a rabbit to you? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of bringing rabbits to oneself, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of someone bringing a rabbit to you, you have always been generous, this time be especially careful, do not easily believe the words of others, or you will be deceived. If you dream that someone comes to you together with a rabbit, be careful of being cheated. I dreamed that I could escape from the clutches of a cheater by chasing a rabbit with the assistance of a hound. A woman dreaming of catching a rabbit on the road and holding it in her arms will become a cash cow for her husband's family. To dream of holding and catching a rabbit indicates that you may have a visitor, while a single person having this dream indicates that you will meet your lifelong partner and a new romance is on the horizon. To dream of a white rabbit leading the way means that you will be promoted and reappointed by your supervisor and will become his beloved. To dream of a rabbit being captured indicates a good omen. To dream of shooting at a rabbit indicates that you will lose all your financial resources. Dreaming of a moon rabbit pounding a mortar and pestle indicates that the whole family can live comfortably, while unmarried people have a good chance of getting a good relationship, and married people indicate that they are about to have a baby!"