Dreaming of butterflies

What does dreaming of butterflies mean? How about dreaming of butterflies? Dreams of butterflies have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The butterfly is the master of spiritual life. It is beautiful and fragile, symbolizing the human mind. In ancient Greece, the word "mind" has both meanings of "butterfly" and "soul". Because the butterfly has to break out of the cocoon from a large number of people, so the butterfly in the dream also has the meaning of rebirth. In addition to this, the dream butterfly is also related to status and love. To dream of a butterfly flying among flowers is a sign of a comfortable and luxurious life and happy things will happen. Dreaming of butterflies flying in the garden foretells that you will meet something happy, such as going out for a walk and meeting the ideal person of the opposite sex by chance, falling in love at first sight and having a relationship as a result. Dreaming of a butterfly landing on your body foretells that your status will be improved. If the butterfly falls on your head or hat, it is even more likely that you will get a significant promotion or become a millionaire with your wealth. To dream of a butterfly landing on your shoulder or skirt is an ominous sign, suggesting that someone will appear to pester you and make things difficult for you. A man dreaming of catching a butterfly foretells that he will marry the woman he loves. If a man dreamed of catching a butterfly and it flew away, it means that your love affair did not work out and the intended one later married someone else. To dream that you turn into a butterfly indicates that you feel that you are not capable of settling down or being competent for a hard job. To dream that one turns into a butterfly and dances in the air is a sign of fame due to outstanding work or publication of excellent works. Dreaming of a flock of flying butterflies means happy events at home and joyful years with family. Dreaming of a butterfly with a broken wing foretells you to fall into a low point mentally, depressed, disillusioned and depressed; in reality business may suffer losses, or fall ill and endure mental torture. To dream of a butterfly flying into a fire is an ominous sign, suggesting a setback in the middle of the process or a sign of disappointment such as losing to a competitor. Dreaming of a dead or injured butterfly, a sign of bad luck on the wife, or a sign of conflict with the package. To dream of falling while catching a butterfly has the meaning of expending energy and materials to achieve an absurd thought. A pregnant woman dreaming of a butterfly or butterflies dancing indicates that she is going to give birth to a daughter. The original version of Zhou Gong dream of butterflies Dreaming of butterflies dancing in the wind is a bad omen; it is a sign of sending food to another country. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests A butterfly with a broken wing is unlucky. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou The butterfly is flying, the Lord is rich and powerful. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dream butterfly flying in front of the window. This is a dream that things are difficult to do, and things will change in this dream. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream butterflies fly to catch and kill, lucky. This dream is the main foreign wealth, and for the business prosperity of the omen. If there is trouble, it will be solved; if there is worry, it will be dispersed; if there is something, it will die; if there is a request, it will be obtained. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of a butterfly flying in a tent is a sign of travel. The Secretaries of Dreams Dreams of killing butterflies. This dream is also the main foreign wealth, the main business prosperity omen. If there is trouble, it will be solved, if there is worry, something will be done, if there is a request, it will be obtained. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation A butterfly falling on the head is a sign of high promotion. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychological dream interpretation dreaming of butterflies Dream Interpretation: The butterfly in the dream symbolizes relaxation and freedom. Psychological analysis: If you see a butterfly in your dream or feel like you are transforming into a butterfly, it means that you find yourself incapable of settling down and doing a time-consuming and laborious job. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the butterfly in a dream or in meditation symbolizes the liberated mind on the one hand, and the immortality of life on the other. Case study of dreaming of butterflies Dream description: In my dream, I was sitting on a piece of green grass filled with flowers that I could not name. A beautiful butterfly was fluttering up and down. At that time, a beautiful yellow butterfly flew down to my body, and its wings were moving, very beautiful. (Female, 23 years old) Dream Interpretation: A beautiful flower butterfly is a symbol of status and love. To dream of a butterfly fluttering among flowers foretells that you will lead a luxurious and comfortable life. To dream of a butterfly landing on your body foretells that your status will improve. To dream of chasing a butterfly foretells that you will be married to your beloved girl. But if you dream that the caught butterfly flies away again, it means that the girl you love finally marries someone else."