Dreaming of catching dragonflies

What does it mean to dream of catching dragonflies? Do you dream of catching dragonflies? Dreams of catching dragonflies have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of catching dragonflies, you will be promoted to a higher position. When you dream of catching a dragonfly, your fiancée is a girl with a good face, good health and good character. Unmarried men and women dream of catching dragonflies, your love affair will be successful if you proceed bravely and actively. Businessmen dreaming of catching dragonflies, the main recent financial luck is not good, the energy to make money is weakening, spending may use money to soothe the recent somewhat bad mood. You need to be more cautious when it comes to projects involving large amounts of money, and don't trust the guarantees of favors. A man dreaming of catching a dragonfly flying indicates that you will attract a lot of women's attention. A woman dreaming of catching a dragonfly in flight represents that she will be warmly pursued by many men. Dreaming of catching swarms of flying dragonflies, the situation will improve and bring more opportunities for development, or meeting a brilliant person of the opposite sex. Dreaming of catching a swarm of flying dragonflies will bring you good luck when you meet someone who will help you, or when you marry a beautiful wife. To dream of a dragonfly flying, it foretells that your intuition is sharp in the near future. If you are a student, you may have good luck in exams and bet on the right questions. Dreaming of catching a dragonfly means that the action you start early in the morning will affect your whole day for good or bad. No matter how to behave positively and kindly to yourself is good and not bad. And control their own emotions is also very important in these two days, even if the heart hides the heart also have to force themselves to switch emotions, do not let others see and even affect the surrounding people."