Dreaming of catching fish

What does dreaming of catching fish mean? Do you dream of catching fish? Dreaming of catching fish has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. China is a place of colorfulness, every time the Chinese New Year, every household will have fish, which represents the year, is a good symbol, and dreaming is a normal psychological phenomenon, and fish is a very common food in real life, so dreaming of catching fish will represent the year? To dream of catching a fish foretells that the dreamer will have fortune in the near future. A businessman dreaming of catching fish means prosperous business. Dreaming of catching a lot of fish in a net foretells that the dreamer will get rich and make a lot of money. Dreaming of catching a fish and not being able to catch it suggests that the dreamer will have fortune in the near future, but if he cannot grasp it, he may pass away from it. To dream of releasing a caught fish means that the advancement of things can go smoothly and has the meaning of fortune following, and that only by giving up can one gain more. Unmarried men and women dream of catching fish, suggesting that the dreamer will soon meet the person of his or her choice, you need to grasp the pursuit of love, that will certainly be happy in the future. Dreaming of picking up a goldfish, the star of strange encounters will approach you. The biggest possibility is to run into old friends in the street. So the box of memories opens, forgetting the passage of time. To dream of a whale spouting water indicates that a new love will arise. Your matchmaker with her is a book, perhaps the place where the two first met is either a library or a bookstore. Dreaming of a cuttlefish swimming, there will be a big failure in behavior. I released gas in the corridor without thinking, but unexpectedly it was a big audible gas, and was noticed by the people. Most of the time it's something embarrassing like this. Dreaming of fish swimming in a pond, the luck of friends deteriorates. Two people in a group of good friends confront each other because of quarrel, as a result, a group of friends split into two factions. It is not that easy to make peace. Case study of catching a fish in a dream Dream description: Two nights ago I dreamed that I caught a five or six weight fish in a river that was not deep. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of catching a fish is good luck and foretells that the dreamer is going to be rich and make a lot of money."