Dreaming of catching rats

What does it mean to dream of catching rats? Do you dream of catching rats? Dreams of catching rats have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of catching a mouse, beware of making friends, you will make dishonest friends. Be cautious of everything that happens around you, don't fall for other people's schemes and tricks. If you dream of catching a mouse, you will make dishonest friends and be conspired against by your enemies. Dreaming of a cat catching a mouse is a good omen, the enemies will kill each other and both will die. To dream of a snake catching a mouse or a frog indicates that there will be unfortunate news. To dream that a mouse is caught by a mousetrap or a cat, to achieve one's heart's desire, to stabilize one's life and career, and to have continuous development. Minors dreaming of catching mice need to pay attention to gastrointestinal disorders and eat a diet that is easy to digest. There is a tendency of hypochondria in the mental aspect. Dreaming of catching a mouse, recently the attitude is more stubborn, not easy to accept the views of others, will have some small arguments with colleagues, interpersonal relations are more tense. Treat people roundly at work, take more effective advice, and work will be twice as good. People who are preparing for exams dream of catching a mouse, as long as you do not cheat and plagiarize opportunistically, I believe your results are still able to satisfy you. People who are looking for a job dream of catching a mouse, job hunting luck picks up, the recommendation of friends and relatives is a shortcut. At the same time, to apply for jobs in new fields and new environments, there are often more opportunities and better luck. Dreaming of catching a black mouse, your income may decrease. A manual laborer dreaming of catching a black mouse is prone to insomnia, in addition to the need to focus on taking good care of the head and face. There is a possibility of ulcers in the mouth, so pay attention to a light diet. A student dreaming of catching a black mouse will see an increase in luck in studies. What used to feel tasteless will suddenly feel interesting, and the mind will be unusually clear and easy to understand and accept. The unmarried dreamed of catching a black mouse, the recent love affair is more jumpy. There will be a situation of double-mindedness. The relationship between lovers is sometimes good and sometimes bad, chatting and arguing have become a way to improve understanding. To dream that a mouse is caught by a mousetrap or a cat, you can achieve your heart's desire, and your life and career tend to be stable and will have continuous development. To dream of catching a mouse with a trap foretells the dreamer of unwelcome news or the arrival of a guest."