Dreaming of cats indoors

What does it mean to dream of cats indoors? Is it good to dream of a cat inside a house? The dream of a cat indoors has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Generally speaking, cats represent conspiracies, so this dream is warning you that someone close to you is trying to conspire against you, and a cat on the pillow in the bedroom indicates that either spouse has an ulterior motive. A man dreamed of a lot of cats in his yard, indicating that the recent pressure is relatively large, resulting in the dreamer feel fatigue, should pay more attention to rest, to feed the spirit, adjust their mindset, slow things down is round, clean up the strong style of the past, give people the convenience is to give their own convenience, cooperation with others will gain. To dream of a cat hiding in a corner is often a symbol of a possible hidden enemy in one's life and work that is secretly digging in or destroying one's family life. A woman dreaming of an indoor cat is warning herself that there is a rival or love interest lurking in her love life, eyeing the opportunity to compete for her boyfriend like a cat. Pregnant women dreaming of indoor cats screaming should travel carefully, preferably accompanied by family members. Be careful in everything and avoid some accidents. Zhou Gong Stock Market Dreams of cats into the interior, the stock market low prices will continue for some time. But as far as the commodity market can be said for the small bean market, the appearance of a cat in a dream is a precursor to price increases."