Dreaming of cattle

What does it mean to dream of cattle? How about dreaming of cows? Dreaming of cattle has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Cattle are a common animal, usually found inside farmhouses and on grasslands. Seeing thick, shiny cattle in your dream, burying their heads in grass, indicates a like-minded partner who brings you prosperity and happiness. To dream of a herd of cattle grazing is a symbol of peace and prosperity, indicating that the dreamer will have accumulated wealth. Seeing a herd of cows eating grass in your dream means that you have good interpersonal relationships, a group of like-minded people and good friends who are genuine and sincere will help you, and you can be successful in your work. If the cattle are thin and weak, it means that you are not working hard and therefore you will be down for life. After having this dream, you must change your habits and work attitude. To see cattle running in fear in your dream means that you have to put all your energy into making sure your business is profitable. To see a herd of calves in your dream indicates that you are popular in the society and have people who are loyal to support you. This dream also indicates that there will be profit in trading; for men and women in love, it indicates that they will be envied for their future marriage. If those calves in the dream appear to be malnourished, it indicates that it is difficult to have a larger harvest."