Dreaming of chasing butterflies

What does it mean to dream of chasing butterflies? How about dreaming of chasing butterflies? Dreams of chasing butterflies have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of chasing butterflies, you will be married to the girl you love. To dream of falling while catching butterflies means to expend energy and materials to realize absurd dreams. Dreaming that the butterfly you caught flew away again implies that the girl you are in love with will marry someone else. The original version of Zhou Gong dream dreaming of chasing butterflies Dream butterflies fly to catch and kill, lucky. This dream is the main foreign wealth, and for the business prosperity of the omen. If there is trouble, it will be solved; if there is worry, it will be dispersed; if there is something, it will die; if there is a request, it will be obtained. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of killing butterflies. This dream is also the main foreign wealth, the main business prosperity omen. If there is trouble, it will be solved, if there is worry, something will be done, if there is a request, it will be obtained. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Psychological dream interpretation dream of chasing butterflies Dream Interpretation: The butterfly in the dream symbolizes relaxation and freedom. Psychological analysis: If you see a butterfly in your dream or feel like you are transforming into a butterfly, it means that you find yourself incapable of settling down and doing a time-consuming and laborious job. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the butterfly in a dream or in meditation symbolizes the liberated mind on the one hand, and the immortality of life on the other. Case study of dreaming of chasing butterflies Dream description: I dreamed that a group of us were playing and found a very big butterfly flying, we kept chasing it, then several smaller ones appeared and finally they all stopped on the ground. At first the biggest butterfly landed on me, I wanted to take it down, but I found it had a death grip on me and it would hurt when I pulled it down, finally its wings stuck directly to the skin between my back waist, but when I finally took it down, I found it was dead, but the wings were intact. Dream analysis: dream of chasing butterflies, the butterfly in the dream represents your partner, and the butterfly in your dream you how to catch can not catch down, forcibly catch down the last butterfly but died, is a reminder that you can not force the matter of feelings, the melon is not sweet, and may lead to tragedy."