Dreaming of cockroaches

What does dreaming of cockroaches mean? Is it good to dream of cockroaches? Dreaming of cockroaches has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The cockroach, symbolizing the annoying person or thing in life and work. It could be that your work is trivial and things are annoying; or your life is being watched very closely by your family and you don't want to be disciplined. Cockroaches crawling around the house, that is to say, your interpersonal relationship is very problematic, this is due to your impetuous mind, do not move to get angry, often conflict with people caused. Dream of cockroaches, said around you there are people who make you hate, you want to get rid of him, but can not do anything, you better turn to your good friends to help you figure out, otherwise he will be more aggressive! Dreaming that many cockroaches are surrounding you foretells that you will quarrel with others recently! To dream that you trample a cockroach to death foretells that you will be very lucky in the recent period! Pregnant women dream of cockroaches, the body to get a little sick!"