Dreaming of cod

What does it mean to dream of cod? Is it good to dream of cod? Dreaming of cod has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Cod is one of the largest annual catches of fish in the world and is of great food and economic value. The Freudian school recognized that cod contained the implication of male genitalia. To dream of cod as the main food for lunch or dinner conveys a family atmosphere, suggesting that the dreamer's heart yearns for the simple and uncomplicated life of his or her early childhood. To dream of catching a large codfish foretells that your family will be sick. A man dreaming of codfish foretells that his wife will be pregnant. A pregnant woman dreaming of cod represents a healthy baby, which can be born smoothly, and her future life will become more and more happy and fulfilling. A pregnant woman dreaming of a codfish swimming around in a fish pond means that your work or career will not be affected by your pregnancy. Case study of dreaming of codfish Dream description: I dreamed that I swallowed a silver cod fish raw, but it was not unpleasant at all and I was moving as usual without any abnormalities. Dream Analysis: To dream of eating raw fish suggests good luck in the future. Inside meat, dreaming of eating other raw meat besides raw fish, foretells that one will get into a dispute with others."