Dreaming of colorful fish

What does it mean to dream of colorful fish? How about dreaming of colorful fish? Dreams of colorful fish have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Zhou Gong Dreams of Colorful Fish Dreaming of colorful fish is an auspicious omen, foretelling a happy life. A businessman dreaming of colorful fish means that business will prosper. A patient dreaming of colorful fish, his body will soon be healed. A soldier dreaming of multicolored fish will defeat his enemies. Dream of colorful fish died, to endure hunger. Dreaming of buying multicolored fish, you will inherit the real estate of your relatives. Dreaming that someone gives you multicolored fish, you will be invited to a wedding. Dreaming of multicolored fish suffering from lack of water will be demoted. A woman dreaming of colorful fish swimming in the water will have her movement restricted by her husband. Dreaming of colorful fish to protect you, foretells that you will have prosperous fortune, will meet noble people to help you, and will also be very good with you. (Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation ) A single person dreaming of colorful fish foretells a turn for the better in love luck. If you can pay more attention to each other's mood, silently give help, emotions will have a good breakthrough. Couples get along with each other full of tenderness and thoughtfulness, the world of two people more wonderful. Case study of dreaming of multicolored fish Dream description: I dreamed that the main store (clothing store) was being renovated, and a pool appeared at the entrance with a lot of transparent fish, I thought it was very nice, so I found a bottle to get the fish and fill it up, then suddenly I saw a very long colorful fish, it was very beautiful, a bit like a dragon, I liked it very much, I said, I want it, suddenly the fish spoke, the fish said I don't want to go with you, then the fish flew at me and wanted to take me into the fish pool, I backhanded it and knocked it out. I backhanded it and knocked it out. Then it has been looking for the bottle to fill the big fish, it seems to wake up did not fill away! Dream analysis: the colorful fish symbolizes good luck, in the dream it does not want to go with you, and then you forcefully want to take it away, it foretells that you may not be able to catch the good luck this time, you still need to make some efforts to do so."