Dreaming of conch lions

What does it mean to dream of conch lions? How is it to dream of a conch lion? Dreams of conch lions have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of snails and whelks is a blessing. To dream that you are picking up snails and screws in the water is a sign that your income will increase and you will have fortune. To dream that you eat snails indicates that you may have minor health problems and should take care of your rest. The Zhou Gong dream interpretation said "the snail and the lion are born outside unfavorable". Spiral lion is a kind of snail. Guangxi Liuzhou has a famous snack conch lion noodles, is made of conch lion meat plus other and is particularly delicious. The snail that Zhou Gong said:It may be a gynecological term. One of the five not female. According to the "wide the Jiji -; choose to match the chapter": "the outer lines of the pubic like snail-like, spinning into the inside." It is a genital deformity that affects sexual intercourse and fertility. The dreamer made a sexual dream, if it is a male, it is likely that the dreamer is an impotent patient, he dreamed not his inability to enter the body of the female, but the female genital deformity. If the dreamer is a woman, it is a sexual life is not satisfied."