Dreaming of coyotes

What does dreaming of coyotes mean? Is it good to dream of a coyote? Dreaming of coyotes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The coyote symbolizes all kinds of things that you fear in your own mind. In particular, you consider them to be "bestial", aggressive, or destructive. It is possible that your fear is irrational or the result of instinctive repression from traumatic childhood experiences (such as Oedipal or Oedipal complexes). The coyote in women's dreams symbolizes the fear of male sexuality, also known as "pervert". Dreaming of a coyote, your career will be very unhappy, you are disappointed and your companions do not understand you at all. If a person in love dreams of a coyote, both parties will quarrel endlessly. To dream of a coyote attacking you foretells that people who do not do anything will slander your reputation. A married woman dreaming of a coyote breaking into her home indicates that she will give birth to a yin and yang child or physically debilitated offspring. To dream of beating a coyote means overindulgence and illness. A woman dreaming of a coyote coming toward her means she has strong desires. A girl who dreams of a coyote coming toward her will marry a weak man."